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About Us

Welcome to Pustak Dukan 

Pustak Dukan is an online venture. We are making books available online so that book lovers can read books easily and in large quantities. We have books that readers will love and will also be useful in enriching them.

We have a special set of books that you expect as a reader. This website has been created with the sole objective of making home books available to all readers at discounted rates. This is an attempt to bridge the gap between writers and readers. We accept books from all authors and publishers so that the books will be available for sale through the website.

Pustak Dukan is the closest place to books, readers and authors.

Pustak Dukan has huge collection of books like Poetry, Short Articles, Articles, Stories, lalit, kids’ literature, Research Articles, Recipe, Historical, Sport, Health, Thesaurus, Music Related, Feminine, Ideological, Critic, Characterize, Diwali Ank, Academic, Spiritual, Drama, Humorous, Management, Agriculture, E-Books, Travel Description, Informative, Autobiography, Competitive Exame, Translated, etc.

Pustak Dukan has become a part of the Marathi, Hindi and English language and literature