<span style="color: #2b00fe;">FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS</span>


What is Pustak Dukan?

‘Pustak Dukan’ is an online book sales venture carried by Parissparsh Publication. Through this online site, consumers will get information about good and quality books and the desired books will be made available at reasonable prices. Readers, writers and publishers can take advantage of this online store.

Why should I use Pustak Dukan site?

This site saves your valuable time and money. You get books at a reasonable price and maybe if a book you want is not available on the site for sale, it is made available by another seller. Pustak Dukan is an easy and safe site to find books. The Pustak Dukan site will always strive to promote a culture of reading and writing. The Pustak Dukan site is a bridge connecting authors, readers and publishers.

How do I search for a book?

Go to the search box and type the name of the book, the name of the author, the name of the publishing house or ISBN and then find the desired book by clicking on the search button. Information will be available to you. Call us if you have any problems and we will help you.

I am an author, can I put my book here for online book sale?

Yes, you can give us your own book for sale. We will deposit the money in your account after the sale of your book, for which you will have to give us your bank account information. After the sale, the commission will be deducted and the money will be credited to your account. You will need to send a hard copy of your book to our address and we will then make your book available for sale online.

How much will the book sales commission be?

Prior discussion is required to decide the commission. The commission will be decided on the type of book or it will remain at the prevailing rate in the market.

What is the contact number and address of the bookstore?

The contact number and address are provided on the home page of the website.

Do you publish new or old books?

Yes, old and new books are published by Parissparsh Publication. You need to send the writing/typing script of the new book to our address. The consent of a previously published publishing house is required when publishing old books. We don’t publish books unless we like the content.

What precautions to take when buying a book.

You must fill in the full name, delivery address with a pin code and contact details when purchasing the book. We do not call or inquire about otp while processing payments. If someone has a phone, don't give otp. If you can't pay online, you can order the book through cash on delivery. The book request form is available on the website, it should be filled and sent.