Cancellation & Refund Policy | Pustak Dukan


Cancellation & Refund Policy

You cannot cancel the order and demand refund once order is successfully placed and processed by the payment gateway. Refund requests will only be considered…

• If the buyer does not get the delivery of the ordered products within 120 days (in India) from the order date.

• If Pustak Dukan fails to ship the ordered products.

• If the shipping location is not serviced by our contracted courier.

No refund requests will be entertained for damaged products. Damaged products will be exchanged as per our exchange policy.

The refund process will start from 121st day of order and it will take a minimum of 60 days thereafter.

No Returns will be entertained if a customer wants to return the product for the reason that he OR she doesn't like it after delivery of the product or feels the product doesn't match his or her expectations. No refunds will be given in the following cases:

• Incorrect or outdated delivery address

• After 2 failed delivery attempts by our courier agencies.

• Package refused by recipient.

• In case of minor design and colour variations. In case of mobile cases, there will always be some variation in colour between products you see online and products you get in hand.

• All emails in this regard are to be sent to